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How to find the best forex robot?

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would like to find the best forex robot. The best forex robot is reliable robot that I can use on my live account with low risk.

asked Jun 17, 2015 in forex robots by Stella
edited Jun 18, 2015 by Admin

3 Answers

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I recommend you to check live performance for forex robots for period 1-2 years and then make decision.

You can find live tests here: http://forexsoftwarereview.net/forex-robots-review/

answered Jun 17, 2015 by Admin (2,710 points)
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Numerous ways are there which can help you determine whether the Forex robot is good or not. You can go search for the customers’ reviews and testimonials sites where users share their experience of using particular trading tool. You can also visit http://www.dailymotion.com/Products_Verified to acquire a genuine trading program instantly.

answered Dec 2, 2015 by anonymous